Sphinx4 migrated to git

This change started some time ago, but now it's mostly finished and announced. The tree could be found here:


The discussion is here.

I'm glad to see the progress happens, big thanks to everyone involved - Joe, Piter and others.

About git itself I have a mixed feeling. The advantages of DVCS aren't obvious for me and in the past I even gave up my participation in one of the projects after it's migration to mercurial (it was http://linuxtv.org). Distributed nature increases complexity and confuses at least me. It's hard to understand where the latest changes are done, what is the real state of thing and where change happens. Developers tend to add their changes to their own branches and little effort is made to create a common branch. Also among all DVCSs git is the worst in terms of usability. Sadly GNOME also migrates to git in near future.

Every change has it black and white sides. Many things I do like in a new sphinx4 - clear split of the tests one can run. Some things are hard to understand like Rakefile migration. I'm afraid of windows users, how will they build sphinx4 now? Anyhow, let's hope issues will be resolved and the new shiny release will appear very soon.

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