Looking back on Free Software

I've read some books on business recently:
They sometimes repeat each other but actually have few interesting moments. At least I started to look on all this from a bit different point of view. Unfortunatly this domain is covered differently by Free Software community people who tend to be idealistic but promote their point of view actively. The words like "community" or "leadership" or "cool people" don't bring much in the end, and the most interesting thing is that such words are mosly spoken by corporate people.

Anyhow, it would be nice to have a project that will have a clear mission and a set of reachable goals, like product plans each one with a design both technical and non-technical documents. It would be nice to have a test set with 90% coverage and a build without warnings and also a tracking system for user requests. Thing like slick UI are also important. After all, it's easier to get this than to build an LVCSR with 95% accuracy I think :)


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