I'm going to ClueCon

This August I'm going to US again to Chicago to ClueCon where I'll give the talk titled "The use of open source speech recognition". Here is the small outline:

The most complicated thing in modern ASR is to make user expectations agree with the actual capabilities of the technology. Although the technology itself is able to provide a number of potentially very useful features, they are not exactly what average user expects.

Many specialized tasks require a huge amount of customization, for example speaker adaptation needs to be accurately embedded into the accounting system in order to let recognizer improve the accuracy.

The open source solutions could help here because of much greater flexibility they have. But although many companies provide speech recognition services only several projects exist and most of them are purely academic. They often require a lot of tuning for the end-user. Many parts of the complete system are just missing.

Luckily the situation is going to improve during last years, the core components are going to have more or less stable release schedule and active support including a commercial one.

The purpose of this talk is to cover the trends of the development of open source based speech recognition in conjunction with the telephony systems and suggest a ways it can reach enterprise level.

I'll also visit Boston for two days

Update: Here is the presentation


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