New CMUSphinx Website Alpha

Most CMU Sphinx websites are outdated. The problems with the one at sourceforge are:
  • Not so modern style
  • No interactivity
  • Loosely organized outdated information
  • Hard to manage/update
  • No CMS/search
Also there is a generic problem with the quality of documentation available. A lot is quite outdated and just confusing.

So I wanted to build a new website for a long time. This site is supposed to be central point for all sphinx tools, including pocketsphinx, sphinx4, cmuclmtk and sphinxtrain.

New website is supposed to be interesting. This site is going to bring more interactivity (sharing, blog posts, voting, comments). It looks a little bit bloggish, but I think it's even better. It would be harder to write more interesting posts, so I invite everyone to participate. I'm sure you have something to say.

So here is the proposed demo version

We are in process of tranferring the information to the new website, so I really hope to see it running very soon.

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