Want To Learn How Sphinx4 Works? Help With Wiki!

Long time ago when sphinx4 development was active, the team used twiki hosted at CMU. Unlike many open source projects, this wiki was actually not just a collection of random stuff, but a complete project support system. It contained meetings notes, design decisions and prototyping results. You could find there diagrams and explanations on what is grow skipping or what is skew pruning.

This wiki died some time ago due to administrative issues, but that was even better since the content from it was merged into our current main wiki at sourceforge at sphinx4 namespace. Unfortunately during transition the formatting was lost since dokuwiki formats aren't always the same as twiki ones. That's actually not so bad as well because the content needs to be renewed in order to fit into current state of sphinx4.

So right now there are like 170 pages total about sphinx4. Some of them are useful, some aren't. They definitely contain deep knowledge of sphinx4 internals, something that will probably help you next time you will optimize the performance of large vocabulary recognition with sphinx4. I'm in process of slowly sorting them out but that will take a lot of time. It's your chance to join, help and learn!


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