Sphinx4 Powers Contemporary Art

Did you think that sphinx4 could be only used to build another keyboard, help you to track sales manager blaming the product or transcribe medical dictation? Working with computers on daily basis one starts to consider them as a tool.  I was thinking this way not taking into account the fact that speech act itself powered by computers has probably sacral meaning. Communication was the thing that created our mind, and keyboards aren't important when we create communication systems.

The thing that pushed me to this is Heather Dewey-Hagborg's blog. In particular it was the Listening Post, an artistic thing from the CEPA gallery. If you are interested, please also check Heather's interview on BTR Radio. Check also the gallery's site.

And important point here is that I think we should not consider this as some kind of futurizm - talking computers, HAL and all that stuff. Instead, such things help us to change ourselves, change our vision of the world around. Probably next time you'll look on sphinx4 sources from a different point of view.


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