Next Routine Release

So today we released Sphinx4-Beta5. I'm not very pleased by the number of features that went in, I wanted to do more, but I'm very pleased by the increasing number of people contributed to this release. From release to release thanks list is definitely getting longer.

This six month I finally went in the deep blue area of the LexTree linguist. So the major feature of this release is significantly reworked LVCSR search which is supposed to get faster at least sometimes. Careful testing would be welcome here.

Another important but not so visible thing is the first bit of the applicaiton-oriented public API. There will be no public XML configs anymore! The Aligner demo that comes with sphinx4 is the first step towards that. The configs for the typical applications will be stored inside jar and supposed to be used by the developer who want to tweak engine. No demo will use XML anymore. This rework of the public API together with opimization of the data flow inside the engine is the top priority for us for the next six month. We shall discuss in Feburary how it goes.

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