Speech Like WWW

Talking about custom speech application development I've got a thought. There are quite many speech companies already. Speech application development is actually quite similar to UI design or to web design in sense that you need to be specialized expert in order to create speech interface. What if speech developers will be like web designers - thousands of them every day build customized websites all over the world? What if market is so huge that it will be possible to run hundred shops each working on customer needs.

To be honest I don't quite like web development. It sounds very strange for me that you MUST pay at least $1000 to build something that is pleasantly looking. And for big websites its way more. Whoever created this market didn't think about business, he designed HTML in order to drain money from small and big companies. I tried to create few websites myself, for example CMUSphinx website. Even with all modern tools, CMS platforms, themes and stuff the reality is that you need to be an expert. Otherwise the result will not be satisfactory enough. Menus will overlap, regions will not be aligned, pictures will be blurry and colors will not match. Can it be different? Certainly it can, but not in this world. I can understand that creativity can't be automated, I can't understand that creativity is required for every company.

There are some similar things in software development like for example if you want to develop a telco app you probably want to hire Asterisk developer. And there are thousands Asterisk developers out there. Or if you want JBoss you could find JBoss experts. But I think if you know how to develop applications you can configure Asterisk properly and you can create a bean to acess the database.

Are we interested in creation of huge and diverse speech industry? Can CMUSphinx be the basement for it? No definite answer for now.


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