Updates in SphinxTrain

Being tired to explain build issues over and over I found the passion to step in and start a sequence of major changes in SphinxTrain

  • Ported sphinxtrain to automake, development branch you can try is here: https://cmusphinx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cmusphinx/branches/sphinxtrain-automake
  • Will increase SphinxTrain dependency on sphinxbase, unifying the duplicated sources.
  • Will make training use external SphinxTrain installation, no setup in training folder will be required, only configuration. All scripts will be in share and in libdir, they will be installed systemwide. To try a new version one will just need to change path to sphinxtrain.
  • Will modify scripts to be able to build and test the database using a single command. No possibility to miss anything!
  • Will include automation for language weight optimization on a development set, better model training scripts will do everything required.

I know Autotools aren't the best build system, but they are pretty straghtforward. More importantly, the tools will follow common Unix practices and thus will be easier to use and understand.

Comments are welcome!


We've done a great progress on Nexiwave also. Check it out!

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