Voicemail transcription with Pocketsphinx and Asterisk (Part 2)

This is a second part which describes voicemail transcription for Asterisk administrators. See previous part which describes how to setup Pocketsphinx here

So you have configured the recognizer to transcribe voicemails and now look on the improved recognizer accuracy. Honestly I can tell you that you will not get perfect transcription results for free unless you will send voicemails to some human-assisted transcription company. You will not get them from the Google either. Though there are several commercial services to try like Yap or Phonetag which specialize on voicemails specifically. Our proprietary Nexiwave technology for example uses way more advanced algorithms and way bigger speech databases than distributed with Pocketsphinx. And it's a really visible difference.

However even the result you can get with Pocketsphinx can be very usable or you. I estimate you can easily get 80-90% accuracy with little effort considering the language of your voicemails is simple.