Chicken-And-Egg in Sphinxbase

Recently Shea Levy pointed me to an issue with a verbose output during pocketsphinx initialization. Basically every time you start pocketsphinx, you get something like

INFO: cmd_ln.c(691): Parsing command line:
Current configuration:
-agc none none
-agcthresh 2.0 2.000000e+00
-alpha 0.97 9.700000e-01

It's ok for a tool but not a nice thing for the library which should be a small horse in a rig of application. Not every user is happy seeing all this stuff dumped on the screen. And the worst thing is that there is no way to turn it off because "-logfn /dev/null" works only for the output after initialization. So we are looking to have pocketsphinx completely silent.

It appeared to be more complex issue than I thought. Its classical chicken-egg issue when you use configuration framework do configure logging but configuration framework needs to log itself. We just hardcoded the initialization but thinking afterwards I found way more complex and but more rigid approach in log4j description from

Since log4j never sets up a configuration without explicit input from the user, log4j internal logging may occur before the log4j environment is set up. In particular, internal logging may occur while a configurator is processing a configuration file.

We could have simplified things by ignoring logging events generated during the configuration phase. However, the events generated during the configuration phase contain information useful in debugging the log4j configuration file. Under many circumstances, this information is considered more useful than all the subsequent logging events put together.

In order to capture the logs generated during configuration phase, log4j simply collects logging events in a temporary appender. At the end of the configuration phase, these recorded events are replayed within the context of the new log4j environment, (the one which was just configured). The temporary appender is then closed and detached from the log4j environment.

Oh-woh, I will never get enough passion to implement this properly ;) Let it be as is for now.

Sphinxbase command line options are still not good. I'm pretty much lack proper --help, --version and many more nifty getopt things. One day someone should do this.

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