I've recently attendted ICASSP 2012 conference in Kyoto, Japan. As expected it was an amazing experience. Many thanks to organizers, technical program committee and the reviewers for their hard work.

The conference collected more than a thousands experts in signal processing and speech recognition. The total number of submitted papers was more than 2000 and more than 1300 of them were presented. It's enormous amount of information to process and it was really helpful to be there and see everything yourself. Of course, most importantly it's an opportunity to meet the people you work with remotely and talk about speech recognition in person. We talked quite a lot about Google Summer Of Code Project we will run soon. You can expect very interesting features implemented there. It's so helpful to map virtual characters to real people.

And Kyoto, old acient capital of Japan was just beautiful. It's an amazing place to visit.

Given the amount of papers and data I think it's critically important to summarize the material or at least to provide some overview on the results presented. I hope that future organizers will fill that gap. And for now here is a not very long list of papers and topics I found interesting this year.